Crane runways and rails

Crane rail with rail clampsOur company specializes in the installation and reconstruction of crane tracks. These are produced in various ways depending on the type of facility where they are installed. Crane tracks can be built on concrete carriages or concrete floors in the form of a strip with the rail, which is anchored in the concrete, or a traditional rail attached to the rubber pad by thimbles or similar. The rails or tracks can also be installed by a steel carriage with welded rail or rail attached by thimbles. In other cases, the thimble (lower part) is welded to the carriage and the rail is attached to the steel carriage by the upper part of the thimble. Here, too, the rubber pad for the rail can be used to reduce vibrations and allow quieter operation of the crane.

In facilities which are older or where crane usage is more intensive, the rail often has to be rebuilt. In such cases, the rails and the screwing material are usually replaced. In exceptional cases, when usage intensity is very high, the rail joints are welded by thermite welding, similar to the process used on rail tracks. This prevents the joints from vibrating and the consequent rapid wear of the screwing components.



Key properties

  • Installation on concrete or steel beams
  • With flat rail or standard Aand S rails
  • With or without rubber pad for smoth and silet crane operation
  • Professional installation with measurements of rail tolerances
  • Crane rail renewals


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