Jib cranes

Jib cranes and jib lifts are a practical solution that enables fast and safe lifting and transportation of the load in a particular work space, for example cutting or welding areas, loading areas, etc. A range of versions is available, from traditional free-standing cranes installed on a purpose-made foundation or directly on the floor, to wall cranes installed on a pillar of the hall or directly to the wall. The handle can be fixed, rotating or flexible for advanced operations. All motions can be manual, manual-electric or fully electric, for as little effort at work as possible. Jib cranes represent a very simple and convenient solution for load handling, which makes them very popular. If you are interested in jib cranes, you are welcome to send us an enquiry.

    Pillar jib crane with manual rotation
        Pillar jib crane with electrical rotation          Wall mounted jib crane with electrical rotation
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Key properties

  • Capacity from 125 kg up to 10t with jib lenght up to 10 m
  • Crane heights up tp 10 m
  • Rotation 180 º, 270 º or 360 º endless
  • Optional with articulated jib
  • Special executions for special jobs
  • Economic solution
  • Produced in our factory


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