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Our company specializes in manufacturing industrial cranes and lifting equipment. From the time the company was founded until today, we have produced more than 1600 cranes (lifts) of all types, ranging from smaller overhead cranes and jib cranes, to larger overhead and gantry cranes, with traditional hoists offering capacities in excess of 100 tonnes. We have also completed many special projects, from the production of customized transport trolleys and custom-made hoists and winches, to fully customized lifting solutions for managing various loads.

Our standard cranes are fitted with top-of-the-line equipment produced by English manufacturer Street Crane. Their crane equipment is more robust, requires less maintenance, and is known for characteristics such as side wheels, external brakes, switches for load fall prevention, and many more in comparison with the competition.

Besides the various products which are manufactured by our company, we also offer a range of pre- and after sale services, such as consulting, planning and design preparation, service and maintenance, as well as modernization (reconstruction) of older cranes.
We also offer servicing, with our several teams of expert mechanics and mechanical & electro-technical repairmen controlling the market and ensuring that your cranes, both old and new, are in proper working order.

Based on the fact that customers have placed their trust in us for over 20 years, and given that an increasing number of new customers are purchasing our products and services, we believe that the direction we have chosen – high-quality cranes as well as highly customizable products – is the right one.

The users of our cranes work better, faster, and above all more safely!





Founders of the company Insem-Atmos d.o.o.
Stjepan Komatović in Bojan Pušnik


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