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Our mission

Our main objective is to ensure high-quality and comprehensive turnkey solutions in the fields of industrial cranes, lifting equipment and transportation equipment. This is something which we are achieving thanks to the flexibility of our company, the installation of state-of-the-art components, and immense dedication to our existing and future customers.


Our vision

We are consolidating our position as one of the leading manufacturers of standard industrial cranes up to 200 tonnes in the regions of Slovenia and the former Yugoslavian states. This means demonstrating a great deal of flexibility, delivering satisfaction to new and existing customers, and safeguarding the high quality of our products. We are aiming to improve our position in the future with the help of you, our satisfied customers, and our partners, such as Street Crane Ltd., who produce the best equipment for standard cranes in the market.

Customers seeking higher quality or different equipment than is available on the standard market simply come to us!


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