Crane refurbishment

If your equipment is obsolete, worn out due to intensive usage, ageing, or you simply require better, our company can renew or upgrade your equipment. This ensures that older cranes and their parts are compliant with increasingly stringent legislation on machine safety.

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Reconstruction and upgrades of cranes and equipment can often generate significant savings compared to full crane replacement. The crane and hoist parts can often easily be improved, renewed or replaced with new parts. Even the most worn out parts of the crane or hoist do not necessarily signify the need to purchase a new crane.

Our experience and knowledge enables us to:

  • Build in new hoists, travel drives, end carriages, electric controls and installations, power supplies;
  • Change the crane’s conventional keyboard or cabin controls to a radio remote control;
  • Straighten and renew crane rails, crane carriages and other constructions;
  • Shorten the spans of the crane and the hoist, increase the capacity and strengthen, which is often necessary when relocating equipment;
  • Renew worn out crane equipment (replacement of the bearings, sprocket wheels, brakes and other consumable parts);
  • Automatize the equipment for more precise operation and reduced need for additional manpower.


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